I’m David Sinclair.

I’m UX Lead at Carbine Studios.

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Stuff People Say About Me

Elliott GraySenior Graphic Designer, Bungie

David is product and user-focused, with a refreshing no-bullshit approach.

Pascal EggertDirector of Visual Design, Crytek

…he became our benchmark on the team for deeply caring about a product and it’s quality.

Khashayar HajianTechnical Lead, Veevo

I’ve had the honor working with David, a powerful UX designer with vast knowledge in the field…

Laurence BrickerUX Pioneer for 25+ years

…a perfect blend of passion and creativity tempered with process and technical knowledge.

Riho KrollSenior User Interface Designer, Remedy

David is not afraid of new and ambitious ideas…

Michael LieibensonLead UI Developer, Crytek

He is not fucking around. Hire him immediately!